Cover photo: Fabio Sepulveda

Diamante Records presenta de manera oficial su primer lanzamiento, se trata de Simply Swag, del joven productor chileno Daniel Klauser, Ep de libre descarga que incluye dos temas originales Simply Swag y I want ya y tres remezclas del primero por los connotados productores neozelandeses Chaos In The CBD (NZ), el chileno Dj Raff y el tejano Tony Goods.

Disfruten la primera entrega de nuestro sello amigos, estamos muy orgullosos de ello y muy contentos de que puedan disfrutarlo, bailarlo y compartirlo

From Santiago de Chile, Daniel Klauser has been involved in the ever growing Bass Music Global Scene, editing in labels such as Top Billin (Finland) and  Get Flavor Records (France).
In this time he brings his new EP in the new label Diamante Records, based in Santiago de Chile. The Simply Swag EP shows clearly strong influences on the sounds of House and HipHop music of the earliest 90’s. Including remixes from around the world, from New Zealand’s Chaos in the CBD, Chilean Dj Raff and Tony Goods from USA, this EP reflects the globalization in the scene, mixing r’n’b samples, classic 808 sounds and a twist of latin flavors, a strong one for the

The EP starts with Simply Swag (Original Mix), a tribute for the early 90′s hip-house music, using soulful vocal samples, energetic basslines and a classic 4×4 house drum groove.
The second track I Want Ya brings a strong sound, remembering works from Dirtybird label, using a lot of 808 sounds and low-pitched vocals.
The first remix comes from Chaos in the CBD (Young Gunz), keeping the 90′s feeling of the original track, with a classic organ synth as the leading melody and a pounding house groove.
While Dj Raff (Nacional Records) explores the sounds of discohouse and funk in his remix, and Tony Goods (Sounds of Sumo) give us a more abstract bass approaching heavy subs and strong vibrations for dubstep lovers, showing us a parallel universe of the original mix.

Simply swag #DMNT 001 by Diamante Label



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