Francisco Arevalo is the man behind Lost Generation, a musical project that began at the start of 2010 when he was getting a little bored of the music he was listening to, so decided that it was time to start making beats without any tempo or style restrictions. Most of his influences derive from 90′s dance music such as Hip House, Acidhouse, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle and Garage, so he currently finds himself experimenting with these sounds but on a slightly more futuristic tip. Francisco is also recognised as one of the main players of the Chilean Jungle/D&B scene, as he has been heavily involved for over a decade. Under his ‘DJ Bristol’ alias, he has performed at many important events like Love Parade and Creamfields, and played alongside big international artists, including Roni Size, DJ Marky, Patife and Bryan Gee.


Francisco Arevalo esta atrás del proyecto Lost Generation el cual nació a principios del 2010 cuando aburrido de la música que escuchaba comienza a crear “Beats” sin limites de tiempos y estructuras. Inspirado en los años 90s con ritmos que lo marcaron profundamente como; el Hip House, Acid House, Rave, Harcore, Jungle, Garage House y con un toque futurista, comienza a dar forma a este sonido particular. Francisco es reconocido ademas como uno de los pilares fundamentales para la escena Jungle / D&B gracias a su constante aporte y desarrollo del undergound por mas de una decada, logrando tocar en eventos masivos como Love Parade o Creamfields, compartiendo escenario con Roni Size, Dj Marky, Patife, Bryan Gee bajo su alias Dj Bristol



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